Neighborhood dental office under new ownership in Louisville, CO

Mon, 07/20/2020 - 23:51

The dental practice formerly owned by Dr. Russell H Hanson has changed hands. After an exhaustive search, Dr. Russell H Hanson selected Dr. Jacob Son to take the reins of his dental practice, allowing him to focus on retirement.
Dr. Jacob Son will continue to see Dr. Hanson’s existing patients and is looking forward to making some exciting practice updates. 

“Our focus is finding ways to help each patient improve the form and function of his or her smile to move each closer towards their optimal oral health. Our whole mission is to deliver the best patient care possible,” Dr. Son said. 

While Dr. Son will continue Dr. Hanson’s dental practice at 1371 E. Hecla Dr. #D2 Louisville, CO 80027, he says there are exciting changes on the horizon. Dr. Son plans to rename the dental practice SōL Dental. 

“While we want to continue offering great dental care, given Dr. Hanson’s retirement, it became obvious a name change needed to happen. We feel a transition to the name SōL Dental can help us encompasses the positive attitude we strive to fill our practice with everyday,” Dr. Son said. 

The practice, which was purchased in July, offers dental cleanings, preventative care as well as cosmetic and periodontal dental care. 

Dr. Son said he understands the importance of being able to deliver on the level of quality of dental promised. 

“While I have dreamt of owning my own dental practice, I just realized that with a little extra help, I would be able to turn my dental practice into something that could make a complete difference in someones life,” he said. 

That focus lead him to partner with Branin Dental, a practice management company focused on the latest in dental technologies and dental procedures. With the help of Branin Dental, Dr. Son feels SōL Dental will truly be capable of provide a higher standard of dental care. 

Dr. Son is currently accepting new patients and can be reached for appointments by calling (303) 604-2609.